Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Daily Look

Daily Look is an American Website were every day you get an email of an outfit. There is a 36 hour sale on that outfit and than you have to pay the full price. You also have points and when you get 2000 points it converts into a $20 coupon. You gain point by logging in, liking looks, tweeting looks, sharing them on Tumblr, uploading your take on the look and  every time you spend $1 you gain a point. You do not have to buy anything, membership is completly free and you only give your credit card details if you wish to buy something. You may refer back to your wardrobe making your own outfits and using Daily Look as insperation. All the looks are totally sane and you could walk out the door in them and furthermore the have day and night looks.

Website - www.dailylook.com

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