Saturday, 28 April 2012

Mini Primark Haul!!!

Recently I went to Primark, well actually it wasn't very recently, it was a few weeks ago and as you will below I brought quite a lot and I thought I would do a mini haul. Also if I have worn any of these items I will say if they are comfortable...what I wore them with and things like thatJ

The first item is these boat shoes which were £6!!!!!! I thought this was AMAZING value for money!! They are comfortable but the first time you wear them they may give you blister because I didn't wear socks so I would recommend wearing or taking some plaster out with you. I wore them with black skinnies and a denim shirt and I think look really cute! They also sold these in red and white which I did like but I didn't think I would be able to wear them with as much things.

The next pair of shoes were the only heels I brought but I thought they were really nice and summery. They are black and brown espadril type heels which I think are very flattering. The were £12 and I haven't actually worn them yet but I will be wearing them soon so I suppose I could do a mini review about if they were comfortable and what i wore the with...actually I will do an OOTD and review them then:)


The final pair of shoes that I got was some adorable sandals in why because in the summer I really dot like flip flop because they irritate me and I just thought these were really cute. They were £6 which again is pretty good price but also haven’t worn these because I got them a week when it was hot where I live and I thought I might be able to wear them with skinnes but it is horrible outside. We have had storms all week, rain...hail...thunder...lightening...wind...more rain...more rain...and even more rain NO JOKE!!

Next is the clothes I got which I think I am just going to do it all one tops and bottoms;
       Mickey Mouse Vest £8                                                                               Scalloped Edge Crop £4
I like wearing a bandeau under this.     Navy and White Spotted Dress £10       I think this is amzing value s\jdzvhkjsveoifjwnvffbibjbvksdvibdjvkdkjvnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnvvvhdfor money an a great basic.

Navy and Pink Skirt £5
I love the button detailing.

Basic Spice Colour Vest                                                                      Cream Bat Wing Blouse £10
with Frill Detailing £3                                                                       The lace make it look very feminine.


  1. Love your blog, I'm following now :) Feel free to check out mine!

    Laura x
    Petit Chatons

  2. The boat shoes are great value for money! I need to get a pair

    1. I would recommend them they are really comfortable!!