Tuesday, 10 April 2012

My New Love...Natural Collection!

My new love is Natural Collection. I love their makeup, it looks pure and effortless but it works. It covers the areas that you wear makeup for and it doesn’t make you look fake or like a Barbie doll.

Their lipsticks are creamy and very well pigmented. They stay for a very long but not, for example, when you drink or eat. They also make your lips smoother.

I love the fact, as well as foundation, they sell tinted moisturiser. I have used this and I think everyone should. It stays because it is moisturiser but looks like foundation. It is light on your skin; you only need a thin layer. Along with this you could use a concealer stick you use on any red areas that need more coverage.

To make your checks not lifeless i would recommend their blusher in the colour, Pink Cloud. I looks natural (hahahahahaha) and adds colour to your face so you don’t look lifeless.

To make your eyes pop and once again, still go for that natural look but to make sure you don’t just look boring I would suggest their eye liner; it’s creamy; applies well and stays for a reasonable amount of time.

I will be doing a Natural Collection wish list soon with all the prices although i think everything is £1.99. What do you own from Natural Collection and what would you recommend? Is there any other cheap make up collections you use regally?

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