Sunday, 22 April 2012

Topshop Wishlist

(LEFT) Lips in Brighton Rock -£8
(CENTRE) Lips in Infrared - £8
(RIGHT) Lips in Whimsical - £8

(LEFT) Lipstick in Clueless- £7
(CENTRE) Lipstick in Coy - £7
(RIGHT) Lipstick in Powder Room - £7

(LEFT) Lipmarker in Popsical - £8
(RIGHT) Brighten in Moonlight - £7

(LEFT) Blush in Neon Rose - £6
(RIGHT) Highlighter in Sunbeam - £9

(LEFT) Felt Pen Eyeliner in Jet - £6.50
(RIGHT) Kohl in coal - £4

(1)    Nails in Bees knees
(2)    Nails in High Voltage
(3)    Nails in Causing a Stir
(4)    Nails in Windy City
(1)    Nails in Adrenalin
(2)    Nails in Blitz 
(3)    Nails in Ice Crush
(4)    Nails in Razzmatazz

(1)    Nails in Beam
(2)    Nails in Daydream
(3)    Nails in Missile
(4)    Nails in Peaches and Cream


Nails in Gypsy Night


  1. I really want to try their cream blushers xxx

    1. If you get them let me know how they are I am always wanting to try new things:)

  2. OMG i actually love the lip sticks. They are incredible. I am so happy becuase topshop just opened in my country (Australia). I am really happy i found your blog, i really like it! I started about a week ago and its kinda overwhelming but i really hope you can check out my blog sometime. Count me as a new follower. xo Genevieve